Burgundy 7tees


T-shirt trends change all the time. Lately people want strong & lightweight t-shirts. To be able to make a light shirt strong enough one has to mix polyester with cotton yarn.  That is why Fittees came up with the perfect percentage mix of polyester and cotton. Mixing the 2 yarns produces a very tough shrinkage free material. The days of heavy-thick-uncomfortable t-shirts are over. As t-shirt wearers we believe our tees must be as soft, light and comfortable as possible. The fabric is also double dyed to make sure it is a solid colourfast t-shirt that will last for a very long time. We have launched 6 colours. Black, White, Charcoal, Burgundy, Lime and Ocean Green.


  • This t-shirt is a tailored fit. A 70s cut your dad used to wear. 
  • We use a mix of cotton and polyester to create a very durable light weight knit.
  • The shirt’s collar is very thin for best comfort and style.
  • A fashionable alternative for young designers.
  • Made in Cape Town, South Africa with local labor. Support local brands.