We will only accept returns if the items are in a sellable condition. We will not accept shirts back that are spoiled or having printing or embroidery on them. We will only refund you once we inspect each and every garment. We do not hand our free samples to customers. You will purchase samples and if you wish to return them you will be refunded. The same above applies to samples as well. We only accept samples back if we are able to sell them again.

All sales made by Fittees(Seller) to you(buyer) are governed by these terms and conditions of the sale.
A sale is contingent on customer’s acceptance of terms and conditions. The seller shall not accept customer’s purchase orders unless customer accepts Fittees’ terms and conditions. We will not accept purchase orders with terms and conditions that does not correspond with ours.

Our terms and conditions of sale applies to all future transactions between seller and buyers.