Fittees Wholesale Customers

Fittees will give discounted prices only to :

  • Promotional Clothing Companies.
  • T-shirt Screen Printers.
  • Embroidery companies.
  • Anybody who buy and resell t-shirts.
  • Anybody, company and party who buy in bulk.

Please email us at
We will send you our order form as well as the wholesale dealer application

Fittees Retail Customers

You can buy any quantities from our retail outlet called
Hello Again – Call 021 447 2980 for directions.
There are also certain styles that are only available
through the retail store.

Fittees Pricing

Fittees only wholesale to customers who buy t-shirts in bulk. We have a wholesale pricing structure where we give discounted prices to registered dealers only. We have a factory shop if you wish to buy small quantities. Please email for more information.

Fittees Custom Orders

  • We sometimes have some space where we will consider making special garments up for customers. We are NOT a cmt factory, but now and then we will book a job in for customers. We specialise in knitwear. We will also not consider doing less than 50 items. The cost will be higher than our standard order form prices. Send us a request to and we will be able to see if we can fill those special orders for you.